We work, and have worked, with a number of companies and organizations across industries like telecom, eduction, energy, public sector and marketing with their challenges and opportunities in digitalization and change.

It’s around exploring and prototyping services for future value creation. Designing and running leadership development programs in order to support increased focus on innovation and transformation, or facilitating young start-up companies in their search for a place in people’s everyday repertoires.

We also travel around quite a bit for speaking engagements on the topics of technology and digitalization, organizational development and innovation capacity.

In exploring customer/user centric services and future business logics that create value, we use tried and tested methodologies and tools. Design Thinking and simple, smart variations of prototypes being the basic framework. For leadership development programs and group development, we are UGL coaches, and also have certifications in Neuroleadership.

Collectively we sit on a number of boards and advisory boards, some of which we also actively work with.


A few of the companies we work with in the Nordics, Europe or globally.

Appart from us three founders (see contact), we have an extensive network and close partnerships with diverse specialists in different areas and disciplines. We involve these people when appropriate. This is dependent on the designed projects and programs, or scope of work, dictated by the client challenge and/or opportunity at hand. This way, we always work in tailored, specialized and effective teams.

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