Business Design – Requirements for Leadership

Identifying and capturing opportunities for future company growth, be it refined services, simplified customer experience, cost cutting technology implementations, new products or whatever it may be, is exhilarating. But, it’s actually often the most straight forward part of the job, looking at the process purely objectively. What can come as a surprise, is the consequences it has on leadership.

In change management circles, research and literature, there’s little debating the need for an updated view on successful leadership in an age of overwhelming uncertainty, perpetual change and need for constant speed. You don’t have to venture into a change management initiative to get a first hand experience of this. To varying degrees, it happens through business design sprints and projects too. This, as well, is an opportunity.


Including the leadership aspect

Combining the latest leadership research with a collaborative and hands-on design, we help you reflect on some key issues with leadership models today and explore what the learnings and increasingly shared practices from leadership in fast and change prone organizations tell us. Some key focus areas are leadership and uncertainty, the increased value of values and principles, distributed and collaborative leadership and much more.

We do not get to reorganization and organizational change management. That is a highly structural question. We remain on an individual leadership level, where practicing what participants arrive at and take with them is possible within any structure. If it’s not actionable, it will be frustrating and counter effective.

We have designed a leadership development program for internal leaders and leadership teams (or for open groups, when applicable) of 8-12 participants. We are UGL coaches, certified in neuroleadership and often use GDQ in our work with groups.

Leadership is a choice, not a position. — Stephen Covey


Participants and distinguished leaders of progressive organizations sharing and discussing – in a relaxed environment to say the least- on the theme of “leadership and empathy” in “political week” in Almedalen, Sweden, 2016.

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