Leadership Development

Lead better in times of uncertainty and speed. Nothing on the transformation agenda escapes the impact of leadership and teams.

Combining the latest leadership research with a collaborative and hands-on design, we develop our skills in key aspects like leadership and uncertainty, the value of values and shared principles, reflection, collaborative leadership and much more.

There’s little debating the need for an updated view on successful leadership in an age of overwhelming uncertainty, perpetual change and need for constant speed. Can you manage leading alone? Or must leadership increasingly be a team sport?

We have designed a leadership development program for your internal leaders and leadership teams, or for open groups of 8-12 participants. We are UGL coaches, certified in neuroleadership and often use GDQ in our work with groups.

Leadership is a choice, not a position. — Stephen Covey


Distinguished, progressive, leaders of organizations sharing on the theme of “empathetic leadership” in “political week” in Almedalen, Sweden, 2016.

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