Business Design Sprints

In business design sprints and programs we work towards a clearly defined goal which in turn is connected to an overarching objective for the client.

We work with clear focus questions, move quickly, focus on action and stay clear of bloating, theoretical, scope of work. Working iteratively helps create momentum and a sense of accomplishment for the team as well as keeping waste of time and money at a minimum, as we include learnings that we draw right into the work process.

Planning is actually incompatible with an entrepreneurial society and economy. Planning is the kiss of death for entrepreneurship. — Peter Drucker

For example…

Focus areas and focus questions are key. A focus area could be Artificial Intelligence. A good one in this day and age. Exploring how/what AI could do for a business is an interesting one and could have a clear goal of building a numer of prototypes or pilots in a certain amount of time, that explore and test how a set of processes or activities within a company could start benefitting from applying AI technologies. This could, in turn, relate to an objective for digitalization, for example specifically cost/time cutting, performance increase.

Focus questions are specific but at the same time broad enough to be explored in a way that leads to many potential solutions to problems (negatively or positively phrased). How might we simplify customer support issues? Or a more directional one with an “opportunity twist” might be how might we help seniors in care homes feel closer to family?

CheckinBox_DSCF8116One-day prototype, testing connected product in senior HealthTech sector, investigating desirability, user norms and attitudes.

Focus questions come from having identified problems and/or opportunities where we believe a company  could be doing great things, with the help of technology and other means. Some examples from the toolbox we use to explore this include:

  • Design thinking as the framework
  • Scenario play and exploration
  • Delightful moments
  • Business model canvas
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Service blueprints
  • Prototypes of varying fidelity

Our industry experience include telco, education, health tech, energy, marketing and public sector and we primarily work across the nordics and Europe.

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