We facilitate digital transformation journeys and help shape a culture that makes it sustainable and valuable over time.

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What we do

Through process design and facilitation we accelerate our clients’ innovation initiatives and capabilities. A focus on teams and culture make efforts sustainable over time.

We work with leadership teams and boards on modern leadership that better supports transformation agendas and the creation of more collaborative and resilient and progressive organisations.

We explore and identify future business potential. By working closely with customers and other stakeholders, we conceptualise and prototype products, services and customer journeys.

We frequently hold talks on digital strategy, business design and organisational culture & leadership in settings where deeper reflections and introspections on the subject matter is helpful.

Our clients are in telco, marketing, public sector, arts & culture, automotive and HealthTech. Primarily in Sweden but also covering the nordics and northern Europe

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How we do it

Simple and pragmatic ways to adress digitalisation and business transformation in a holistic way.

Anchoring projects respecting full well these matters are complex and has multi-stakeholder interdependencies.

We lower the risk of unsuccessful digital and business transformation projects by designing genuinely reflective, inclusive and cross functional processes that builds up a strategic plan through iterations.

Our approach embraces and combines multiple perspectives and stakeholders: technology, markets, users, organisation/culture and self/leadership.

In projects where we add team members to our clients’ teams, we collaborate with specialists in key areas, which differ per project.

Specifically, we use tools from the design thinking framework, appreciative inquiry, experienced based learning and other science based, well proven methods.

We hold certifications in UGL, Neuroleadeship, AI, ICF-coaching and design thinking.

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Why we do it

Because as our 15+ years long experience of facilitating leadership teams and boards suggested, companies had failed in their digitalisation efforts more than once. Often more than twice. The diagnosis said too heavy focus on technology and output and not enough on organisational culture and users.

Co:LabX has been a slightly different consultancy practice, given the area we’re active within: digital business transformation. We don’t think about people and culture as an afterthought. We help see how it is business critical and how to – in a concrete way – work with culture, business objectives and technology.

We’re currently in our third iteration. We very distinctively evaluate and adjust our approach, tools and ways of working, something we invite our clients in. Who better to ask?

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Olle Svensson, Business Designer, Co-founder & Partner
olle@colabx.se / +46 (0) 732 487282

Klara Kviberg, Facilitator & Process Designer, Co-founder & Partner
klara@colabx.se / +46 (0) 767 741001

Team, tailored
We work with teams that are picked for the task at hand and where their specialist skills and experiences are needed, be it AI, sociology, UX or something else.