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About us

We are a digital business design practice. We help companies find and capture opportunities that come with digitalization.

Our work, across various industries and through different focus areas, has resulted in a few principles that underpin our approach and developed into methods.

A bias towards action is our priority. It is important to always constructively question every discussion that leads to more discussion. It can be hard. But to quickly move from planning, strategy papers and meetings to concrete actions, purposeful design is key.

People matter. It is what organizations are made up of. Individuals, in groups. In trying to solve problems, it’s important to question if your problem really is the problem, considering we’re working with people in all our complexity. Don’t underestimate the degree to which you have to include and design with human nature. Acknowledge fears, passions, motivation, prestige etc.

In times of radical change, with so many moving parts and unknown variables, it’s important not to be too certain. Who’s behind that certainty? We believe in (more) radical collaboration, because network theory (and empirical research findings) proves over and over that there’s greater wisdom in crowds and collaboration.

As strange as it may sound: the clearest answer and best way to a solution is an hypothesis. People generally gravitate towards having an answer (see prestige above…). We take pride in that. Maybe even a bonus. But the complexity of today makes clear answers unlikely to exist. Thankfully, we’re very good at creating prototypes that help us test hypotheses.

We have also learned that we know very little. The more experience we get the less we realize we actually know. So we like learning. We’d love to share more, and hear from you, over a cup of coffee. It’s amazing how much happens in a simple and open dialogue.

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