Digitalization and business transformation through radical collaboration

Digitalization efforts accelerated!

About us

Working with our clients across various industries, a few valuable principles have come to underpin our approach.

A bias towards action is our priority. It is important to always constructively question every discussion that leads to more discussion. History shows we all have black belt in discussing and planning. We help our partners move from planning, strategy papers and meetings to concrete actions, behaviors and formats in iterations. We make it simple to safely start doing things a bit differently.

People matter. It is what organizations are made up of. Individuals, in groups. In trying to solve problems, it’s important to question if your problem really is the problem, considering we’re working with people in all our complexity. Perhaps working with motivation, hidden ambitions and passions is what opens the flood gates? And speaking of problems: remember they are equally much an opportunity. Which phrase generates positivity?

In times of radical change, with so many moving parts and unknown variables, it’s important not to be too certain. Because where does that certainty come from? How many perspectives? We believe in radical collaboration, because network theory (and research on financial value of open innovation) proves over and over that there’s greater wisdom in crowds and collaboration.

As strange as it may sound: the clearest answer is an hypothesis. People generally gravitate towards having an answer. We take pride in that. Maybe it’s even what one gets paid to do. But with most challenges and opportunities of today, let alone tomorrow, the complexity of it all makes clear answers unlikely to exist. Hypotheses are valuable when they quickly move from abstract to concrete form.

We hope that if you find our humble opinion on things relating to digital transformation and innovation reasonable. We’d love to share more over a cup of coffee. It’s amazing how much happens in a simple and open dialogue.

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